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Celebrating 117 years of Belem

Date : 10/6/2013
Heure : 12:00
Durée : 10 minutes
Lieu : Rouen
Coordonnées : 49.441125,1.079691

To celebrate the 117th anniversary of Belem, all ships will sound their foghorn for one minute at noon.Rouen Cathedral will also hear.Belem_au_large_de_Brest_28_04_2012

Pirates of the Euro coffee

Live music every night from 18:30 on the pirate ship Old Market Square.

At the initiative of the Eurocafé, many groups are invited to sing along on a stage shaped like a boat on the Old Market Square.
An eclectic program:

Compass of Alba, flamenco, Thursday, June 6
Andrews, 80 years, Friday, June 7
Quinto, Cuban salsa and Latin jazz, Saturday, June 8
School of Music Bois-Guillaume, Jazz, pop-rock variety, Sunday, June 9
Sacha and Swingadjos, gypsy jazz, Monday, June 10
Amigos do famba, Brazilian music, Tuesday, June 11
Trio megenzani, Bal Musette, Wednesday, June 12
Iliaz, French rock song, Thursday, June 13
Wida, African music, Friday, June 14
16th Avenue, soul groove, Saturday, June 15
Sol n sun, Cuba, Sunday, June 16
Practice. Concerts every day from 18:30 to 22:30, opposite the Eurocafé, Old Market Square, free.Pirates of the euro Café

Cow Blues in Rouen

Date : 9/6/2013
Heure : 17:00
Durée : 180 minutes
Lieu : Water Street Robec to “O buddy”
Coordonnées : 49.441516,1.099433

The 08 and June 9, 2013 Water Street Robec to “O buddy”
through the weekend Latino

As a sign of welcome to the ARMADA and visitors

Of the Quebec repertoire Dario Moreno and Basque singing the blues of the Mississippi, eight shills “Cow Blues” are a diverse program of festive songs and absurd.Vache de Blues

Practice: The mobile restaurant along the waterfront

Conservators (external) are installed on the docks for ten days of the Armada, as fixed restaurants, and they follow the same rules of hygiene. Visitors, so eat fresh.

On the menu of restaurants flavors from all over France, Corsica, Alsace, Aveyron, Brittany, Quercy, but also Belgian and Austrian … Not to mention the fried mussels and other pub food, ham bone, spit …
With even a restaurant organic beef, and for lovers of giant fried, restaurant paella. Bar atmosphere “pub” will also delight fans of beer.
For those who prefer to eat “on the go”, the banks offer a dozen stalls takeaways.
And visitors preferring the quiet excitement can also move in the city: the restaurants and bars of Rouen did not want to miss this appointment either!Restaurant Au Bon Boeuf

Free Concert Your Happy End

Date : 14/6/2013
Heure : 19:30
Durée : 120 minutes
Lieu : Quai Richard Waddington
Coordonnées : 49.444001,1.052703

Your Happy End open for Mika during Armada Rouen!
An opportunity to discover new live songs from the new EP “Evening Classes”Your Happy End

Free Concert For The Hackers

Date : 10/6/2013
Heure : 18:30
Durée : 60 minutes
Lieu : Quai Richard Waddington
Coordonnées : 49.444001,1.052703

Winner of the 276 Talents Contest For The Hackers is a group of Indie Pop born January 6, 2010 the Dieppe area consisting of:
Arthur Council on drums / choir
Alex Gal at low
Romain Lucas on guitar / choir
Axel Legrout vocals / guitar
All songwriters, these four fans share for the first time on stage their music June 18, 2010. Hackers For The (formerly The Hackers and Hackers The 4) therefore consists in a colorful spirit, rhythmic melodies and dance rock, indie and sexy and texts in the language of Molière and Shakespeare.

Music Style: Pop / rock
Musicians: Arthur Board: Battery; Alex Gal: Low, Romain Lucas: Guitar Choir, Axel Legrout: Guitar SongFor The Hackers

Cancellation of the evening Lovely Boat

For people who already have a pre-sale, you can be reimbursed by going to the point of sale.

Rouen Opera transformed into a disco at the time of the Armada not will finally take place. The organizer had to cancel a few days ago the big night.lovely-boat

Free Concert Dead Rock Machine

Date : 13/6/2013
Heure : 19:30
Durée : 120 minutes
Lieu : Quai Richard Waddington
Coordonnées : 49.444001,1.052703

Electro-rock duo based between Paris and Rouen, Dead Rock Machine has only one objective: the melodic effectiveness, the ultimate riff! After scouring the scenes of France often well together (we could see in the first part of Ratatat, Naive New Beaters, Pony Pony Run Run or Ting Tings to name a few) they drew on their vast directory initially turned to the live musical twelve bombs … damn catchy earworms OF unstoppable as our Anglo-Saxon cousins ​​prénomment these musical gimmicks that once heard settle loop in our brains, but we succeed in getting rid of !Dead Rock Machine

The Kruzenshtern arrives

The Kruzenshtern happens, it already runs through the loops of the Seine. The second largest yacht in the world is 114.50 meters long and 50 centimeters graze bridge Tancarville.
Guest of honor participates for the first time in Rouen Armada.Le Kruzenshtern sur la Seine

Free concert Joad

Date : 12/6/2013
Heure : 19:30
Durée : 90 minutes
Lieu : Quai Richard Waddington
Coordonnées : 49.444001,1.052703

Joad is pop-rock, which first import the melody and lyrics. Pieces of invoice honest and communicative energy live. This Rouen group speaks because he has something to say, a world again, ideas shoving, pushing songs into a corner.
Joad (Speak Djaud) is the name of the hero of John Steinbeck’s novel The Grapes of Wrath (1939)Joad

Free concert Amaury Vassili

Date : 9/6/2013
Heure : 19:30
Durée : 40 minutes
Lieu : Quai Richard Waddington
Coordonnées : 49.444001,1.052703

Amaury Vassili is June 9 in the early evening on the stage of the Armada in Rouen for 40 minutes together.
The high-Norman tenor Amaury Vassili, provides the first part of the joint concert between the Bootleg Beatles and the Rouen Opera for Armada 2013.Amaury Vassili

Concert Compass del Alba

Compas del Alba (concert)

Date : 6/6/2013
Heure : 18:00
Lieu : Euro Cafe, Place du Vieux-Marché
Coordonnées : 49.442873,1.08742

Compass del Alba is a training Rouen revisits the tradition of flamenco through its classic and festive shapes.
“El grupo” follows the compass tangos, rumbas and bulerías to take viewers from north to south of Spain, Catalonia and Andalusia.Compas del Alba.jpg

CANCELLED: Rouen Opera turns into a disco CANCELLED

Date : 15/6/2013
Heure : 22:00
Durée : 7 heures
Lieu : Theatre Arts
Coordonnées : 49.439308,1.089577


At the time of the Armada, and the Bar’ouf Timing, business service, are organizing a party. Opera Rouen turns into nightclub Saturday, June 15, 2013, from 22h to 5h, a huge nightclub with DJs, bars, lights and many other surprises: a beautiful way to close the 10 days of Armada for “clubbers” Rouen and tourists came to the ships, but also to the festive atmosphere that surrounds this event.

Rates: 20 euros in advance, 25 euros on the spot, within the limits of available seats.


Concert Dock 76: The Rockignol’s

Date : 12/6/2013
Heure : 17:30
Durée : 150 minutes
Lieu : Parvis Dock 76
Coordonnées : 49.445598,1.065306

A touch of rock and roll energy in a big bowl of burlesque jazz, this is the mark of a group Rouen: The Rockignol’s. They invented the “Blues Jazzabilly who puts banana.”
Through his compositions, the trio carries everyone in the world: America of the 30s, that the fox-trot, Charleston, cartoons of Tex Avery or Busby Berkeley musicals. All played with gusto and virtuosity.the Rockignol's

Concert Dock 76: Ibra-Yakaar

Date : 11/6/2013
Heure : 17:30
Durée : 2 heures
Lieu : Parvis Dock 76
Coordonnées : 49.445598,1.065306

With its rich influences, Ibra-Yakaar offers a fresh and rhythmic warm and mixed acoustic music, like large groups of current World music.

Ibra-Yakaar is primarily a voice. The Senegalese singer Ibou Ivan.
That voice, tasty and warm mix, without hyperbole comparable to that of Ismael Lô, Alpha Blondi, Salif Keita and many others, can not be ignored. His texts, stories and testimonies of everyday life in Senegal and France are all universal messages of peace, love and hope. Hope Yakaar or Wolof, the group proudly wears the name.Ibra-Yakaar

Concert Dock 76 classic Cello-Piano Duo

Date : 9/6/2013
Heure : 16:00
Lieu : Parvis Dock 76
Coordonnées : 49.445598,1.065306

A cello and piano duet with Axel and Salmona Tatsiana Dahan in works of F. Chopin, C. Saint Saens, Chausson E and C. Lefebvre

A musical moment that will carry us into the Parisian salons of the nineteenth century or the music was played.
The program will consist of sonatas, nocturnes, romances, songs and elegies to some of the great Romantic composers who lived in Paris at that time.
This concert will also be the opportunity to discover Charles Lefebvre, a contemporary composer C. Saint Saens but remained unjustly he seems unknown.

JS Bach: Sonata for Cello and Piano No. 2 BVW 2028
C. Saint-Saëns: Sonata for Cello and Piano No. 1 in C minor op 32
C. Lefebvre: Sonata for Cello and Piano in A minorAxel et Tatsiana