Concert Electro

Date : 6/6/2013
Heure : 22:00
Durée : 7 heures
Lieu : Crooner, 75 Avenue du Mont Riboudet
Coordonnées : 49.447311,1.068199

The Electro Concert Armada 2013 is scheduled for June 6, 2013. Agora Theatre and The Crooner combine to deliver an exceptional night with the best of Rouen electro scene from 22h to 5h.
With headlining the DJ duo Christine, now internationally known. They will be preceded by a free electron from the Rouen electro scene, Bazarov, recently entered the Parisian collective Dixket and followed the masked duo that ignited the 106 in February: 30 minutes to try me. Mustache close this evening with its environment “Trash.”

Presale: 11 € (excluding rental charges) / On site: 15 €concert-electro